Casing Drill Pipe Protector

The Casing & Drill Pipe Protector is a nonmetal abrasion-resistant sleeve installed on a drill pipe by a position collar. The protector O.D.is larger than that of a drill pipe collar. The protector prevents the metal to metal friction between casing and drill pipes, thus achieving the purpose of casing and drill pipe protection. The protector consists of two positioning collars and a nonmetal abrasion-resistant sleeve.


The rated temperature reaches 180The abrasion resisting capacity is 500 times higher than that of cast iron.

The rotary drilling torque can be reduced up to 50%.

Technical parameters

Drill Pipe Size ,mm 140 127 88.9
Sleeve O.D. ,mm 196.85 184.15 139.7
Positioning Collar O.D. ,mm 177.8 165.1 127
Positioning Collar Height ,mm 127 127 127
Side-Load Rating ,KN 9.072 9.072 6.804
casing protector
casing protector