CW450/160 Series Centrifuges

As a mud purifying equipment, the centrifuge can effectively remove the harmful solids particles from the drill fluid, improve the mud performance, ensure the drilling safety, lessen the pollution of oil/gas reservoir and reduce the mechanical abrasion of drilling equipment.1650-2200rpm centrifuge can separate 2-7µm solids particles.

Key parts of our products are made of high quality stainless steel and tungsten carbide. Bearings are made by Sweden SKF Co. The explosion-proof motor and electric control system are used.

Model CW450-842N CW450-842N CW450-842N
Speed m (rpm) 1650 2200 1500
Long-diameter ratio 1.87 1.87 1.58
Separation factor 686 1220 756
Min. separation (µm) 5 -7 3 -5 5 -7
Max. capacity m3/h (US gal/s) 40(3) 40(3) 60(4.5)
Motor Power kW (HP) main 18.5(25) 18.5(25) 37(50)
aux. 5.5(7.5) 5.5(7.5) 7.5(10)