Corrosion resistant cementing tools

The existing CO2 and H2S in wells may lead to damages, especially corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement to casing and down-hole tools. CO2-resistant and H2S-resistant liner hangers, stage cementers, float shoes, float collars and other accessories are available. The materials have been tested and proven to meet the standards of US National Association of Corrosion Engineers by authorized organization.


  • Special heat treatment process ensures superior mechanical properties.
  • Bimetal electroplating greatly reduce the possibility of thread gluing under high torque.
  • All components exposed to corrosive gas are manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials.
  • The corrosion-resistant cementing tools have been widely used by CNOOC's South China Sea Oilfield and East China Sea Oilfield, and SINOPEC's South Exploration Company, Northwest Company and Southwest Company.