The Model HC-D Tie Back Packer is used for liner tie back operation in highpressure oil and gas wells.The packer is set on top of the liner to prevent fluid and gas migration from the annulus outside liner.


  • With Model HC-D Liner Tie Back Packer,the liner can be tied back to surface or to some position in the casing.The packer is set after the liner has been cemented in place.
  • The sealing rings as the packing elements serve reliable seal function.
  • Once the packing elements are fully expanded,the hold-down slips and thelocing system in the packer hold the packer at setting position to achieve permanent packing.

Technical Parameters:

Specifications 7 5/8" 7" 5 1/2" 5" 4 1/2"
Packer Setting starting Load ,KN 120
Packer Setting Load ,KN 250 -- 500
Sealing Capacity ,MPa > 25
Packing Elements O.D. ,mm 233 208 146
Min I.D. ,mm 172 155 108.6
Tie back packer