• The thruster work by using drilling fluid hydraulics without consuming hydraulic power.
  • The thruster is made up of one or more cylinders and can be used with down hole motor, which is applicable to any wells.
  • With the long stroke length and the liquid elasticity absorption, the thruster can damp axial vibration effectively, and compensate slide drilling that is out of control.
  • The design of choke spear enlarges the range of WOB and allows easy adjustment.
  • Application of the thurster can bring better drillstring dynamics, resulting in increase of down hole motor life time, better direction behaviour and increase of penetration rate.
Specifications,mm 105 165 178 203
Max O.D. ,mm 105 165 178 203
Overall Length ,mm 3100 3500 3550 3550
Cylinder Series 1-3 1-2 1-2 1-2
Stroke Length,mm 400 500 500 500
Hydraulic thruster