ML-200 Cyclone Mixer

ML-200 cyclone mixer is a new type mixing device featured by quick mixing speed, uniform mixing and low power consumption. It is used to mix the drill fluid with additives quickly and uniformly.

Mixing capacity l/s (US gal/s) 61(16)
Lift m (ft) x 2.3(7.5)
Matched power kW (HP) 45(61) 55(75)
Fluid inlet diameter mm (in) 150(6)
Fluid outlet diameter mm (in) 150(6)
Solids mixing capacity Barite t/h (lbs/h) x 0(44,052)
Salt t/h (lbs/h) x 0(44,052)
Bentonite and other additives t/h (lbs/h) x 0(44,052)
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm (in) 1,205 x 650 x 950(47.5 x 25.6 x 37.4)
Total weight kg (lbs) 285(628)
Cyclone mixer for drill fluid