Pneumatic Spinner

Pneumatic Spinners are used in tripping operations, to spin the stand or single of drill pipe swiftly by air power, to connect with the tool joint on upper end of drilling string, and then tighten by rotary tong, to complete the make-up. In disconnecting the drill pipe from drill string, it spins off the stand which just loosen by the rotary tong, to complete the breakout. These tools can increase efficiency of tripping, and reducing labor intensity and manpower.

Model Q250 Q200
Handling Size mm(in) 89-254(3 1/2-10) 89-140(3 1/2-5 1/2)
Rated Power kW 16 12
Spinning Speed r/min 108-38 90-56
Spinning Torque kN.m(lb.ft) 0.55-12.5(3,928-9,011) 0.63-1(4,557-7,233)
Torque kN.m(lb.ft) 1-2.5(723- 1,808) 1.26-2(911 - 1,446)
Air Consumption m3/min (ft3/min) 15 (530) 10(364)
Working Air Pressure MPa (psi) 0.7-0.9 (101-130)
Weight kg 440 378
Pneumatic spinner