Pressure pump

TP series of high-pressure pump is specially designed for matching skid mount and truck mount in well ementing, well fracturing and well flushing horizontal triplex plunger pumps with single function. This series of pumps is applicable to all kinds of working, such as well cementing, well acid fracturing, well repairing and well flushing in the deep wells, moderately deep wells and shallow wells of oil-gas field.

The maximum input power of TP series of high-pressure pumps is 800HP, the maximum discarge volume is 2020L/min and the maximum discharge pressure is 92Mpa. It is the best pump that matches BY520, HT750D, 5961 Arison transmisson case.


  1. This series of pump is applicable to intermittent work on the basis of the performance parameter. Under the condition of maximum load, it is suitable to work less than 3 hours every day.
  2. It is beneficial to service life pump if diesel engine and plunger pump work under the 70-80% of full power.
  3. It is advantageous in work stability and service life of pump if the work speed is less than 270min.
  4. The pump can match either chain case of gear case to drive.
  5. Plungers can be lubricated by oil offered by gas pump or gear oil pump.
Displacement range L/min8901320193 - 1567160 - 2020326 - 2026160 - 2020190 - 2020
Power range HP250300350450500600800
Diameter of plunger mm85/11095/115/12595/115/12595.25 (33/4")101.6 (4")114.3 (41/2")127 (5")
Pump speed range min110 - 28070 - 35070 - 32850 - 350100 - 35050 - 35050 - 300
Dimension of pump mm1860 x 1270 x 10651745 x 1210 x 9701790 x 1285 x 9701860 x 1420 x 8452047 x 1504 x 9701910 x 1640 x9752080 x 1580 x 990
Weight of pump kg2450250026002660324034003600
Pressure pump
Pressure pump