Rolling Kelly Bushing

The rolling kelly bushings are designed for hold the kelly and match with the master bushing, to drive the kelly stem rotate by the four rollers in bushing. In drilling operation, the kelly shall keeping slide downward with the increase of drilling depth. The rollers can reduce friction to the kelly and extending it's service life. For different shape of the kelly stem (square or hexagonal), different rollers are available.

Model Type Drive Fitting Kelly Size
Square (in) Hexagonal (in)
HDS Heavy Square 2 1/2 - 6 3-6
27-HDP Pinned Shaft 3-6
RTM4 Medium Square 2 1/2- 5 1/4 3 - 4 1/4
20-MDP Pinned Shaft 2 1/2- 4 1/4
RTS4 Light Square
Rolling kelly bushing