The submersible pump is a multi-staged centrifugal pump which is designed for different wells. The nickel cast iron impeller and diffuser, the K-500 model pump shaft allows the pump to obtain a satisfied run life at the maximum stress and load. In order to support the axial load and simplify the assembly, the stages are designed to float partly or completely. The increase in hardness of the centralizing bearing surface is adaptable to produce the well fluid with solid.

To make sure the centrifugal pump operating normally and continuously in high gas well, a gas separator is usually installed at the pump intake. According to the gas condition, there are two choices: reverse flow gas separator and rotary gas separator. It can separate the free gas and guide it into the annulus before the well fluid enters the pump to avoid gas cavitation. For the high gas wells, if you use the double-section gas separator which separates gas from the well fluid twice, it can separate free gas more efficiently and abundantly and you will get a more satisfactory result.

Working conditions:

The electric submersible pump will provide satisfactory production operation under the following conditions:

  1. Casing size: 5; 7"
  2. Well Temperature: 50?C 90?C 120?C
  3. When well fluid is a mixture of oil gas and water, PH value within 6.5-8.5 Gas-oil Ration (GOR).1:60; 1:100; 1:200
  4. The amount of sand (by weight), < 0.05%.if greater than 0.05% pump's head and capacity should be adjusted respectively when ordering.
Submersible pump
Submersible pump