Subs & Plugs

Cross-over Subs

Tool joints welded on the drill pipe serve the oil and gas drilling operation, including pin and box joints.

  • All types of weld-on tool joints are in conformity with API Spec7.
  • The tool joints made of super alloy steel through forging and special heat treatment provides high strength, good ductility and long service life. The thread surface with copper coating or phosphate coating has excellent thread sticking resistance.
  • The product is granted the right to use API monogram.

Upper Kelly Cock Lower Kelly Cock Floating Valve

Upper kelly cockLower kelly cockFloating valve

Lifting Subs

Lifting subs"OILRIG" lifting subs can be either tapered or square shoulder types  and are made from AISI 4145/4140. They are available in all diameters and lengths.

When ordering, specify size and type

  • Drill collar OD
  • Tool Joint OD
  • Tapered, square shoulder  or  combination
  • Drill pipe OD
  • Drill  collar connection size & type
  • Bore
  • Pressed or  cast steel thread protectors

Lift plug

Lift plug"OILRIG" lift plugs are of heat treated steel alloy. Crown sections are bored out to reduce weight. They are available in all sizes with or without lifting bail.

When ordering specify:

  • Drill Collar OD .
  • Drill Collar connection Type & size .
  • Lifting Plate OD .
  • Bore .

Rotary Subs and Kelly Saver Subs

When you order Rotary subs and Kelly saver subs, please specify on all Subs :

  • Sub use (such as Kelly sub, x-over drill pipe to drill collar, x-over drill collar to drill collar, bit sub etc.) so that correct bevel diameter should be given.
  • Overall Length .
  • Largest Diameter .
  • Bore .
  • Size & Type of connection, Pin/box & special joint features, if any .
  • Diameter and Length of the reduced section. (For reduced section subs) .
  • Float bore, size & type (for bit subs) .

Stretch or latch on and desired OD of the Protector (for kelly saver subs with protector).

Rotary subRotary subKelly saver sub